Bensons Animal Farm
Benson’s Animal Farm
    23 Kimball Hill Rd, Hudson, New Hampshire Friday, June 22, 2018   
Bensons Animal Park


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Kryssylynn July 11, 2012 14:18:24 (EDT)

Can I bring my dog (on a leash of course) to Benson's on any day at any time to walk the trails? I have not been since it has re-opened and I heard you can walk the trails with pets. Just want to check before we go there.


Bret July 7, 2012 10:56:59 (EDT)

Based upon the below 'supportive' information and broad minded arguments provided below, I would like to throw into the ring a few other important causes to be considered.
#1 - Ban all priests as they are all pedophiles.
#2 - Disarm all police as the criminal to officer 'kill ratio' is way out of line
#3 - Lets all strive to set up a US Dictatorship. This whole democratic process, negative/vile political attitudes and corruptive politicians are no way near worth all the hassles or the percs provided
#4 - Disband the TSA and lets just hand all passengers a quarter to flip and call. This is much cheaper, speedier and has just got to be as good of a 'safety' control as what we have in place now.
Additionally, PLEASE O PLEASE do not get more broadly informed on any of these topics. I've provide all the bounty of information needed for you to establish a well grounded opinion. Plus, there is no way there can be any eductional, productive, learning value from zoo and circus animals. They are all abused...just bank on the information provided below! I know from experience, all the elephants I had the privilege to work with were nothing be hateful and vindictive in the end. The ones from zoo, circus and oh yeah, those 4 untrained brutalized ones I did get...they did nothing but turn out healthy, well mannered, stable and productive. Three are now flurishing in zoos. One produce a calf 2 years ago(whatever benefit that may be). Oh yeah, one did die though... a year after I delivered her to a well known 'sanctuary'. So, don't do yourselves any favors. Take opinions as fact. Who needs to be informed to make a proper decision anyway.

Judy July 6, 2012 21:56:25 (EDT)

This is how they "train" the elephants. This poor baby.

Vicki July 6, 2012 08:52:22 (EDT)

Thank you everyone who turned out to help the animals and it was nice to meet everyone on both days of the protest. Hopefully this will open the eyes to our selectmen, school board and people who live in Hudson and in the neighboring communities about the abuse and unnatural ways that the animals are kept and allowed to perform. Another thing to consider is when traveling venues (such as circus's and carnivals)are in town the crime rate also goes up. We can only hope that the circus will not return in 2013 for the well-being of the animals..

Craig July 5, 2012 14:01:27 (EDT)

Trevor, is it really necessary to curse and swear on this message board? Your point brings up a good argument (I'll admit this even though I don't subscribe to anything you say) but you've construed your statement like a child. Name calling and swearing is something you probably should have stopped in high school, but it seems you've stunted your intellectual growth as a person.

Be that as it may, we live in a delicate ecosystem and animals are an important part of it (as you may or may have not learned in school, I don't imagine you got too far in your education). In such a delicate ecosystem we don't have room for cruelness toward animals. How would you feel if someone came to your house, snatched up your mom, daughter, etc. and imprisoned/tortured them for financial gain? It isn't that people are concerned about "PETA loving, tree hugging bull***t," but rather most intelligent people prefer to not become self absorbed and selfish idiots. Get out of your own little world, or you will forever be a little man.

My advice to you: learn how to construct a good argument without sounding like a youthfully arrogant teenager. Open your eyes to the world around you, not just what is inside your house, your car (or more likely truck), or your workplace. If you don't then you and everyone on this board who is being sarcastic and dismissive will never grow as a person.

See you around at Benson's. I'm the 21 year old guy with the black glasses who is usually running on the trails. I'd be happy to have a conversation with anyone who wants to talk, so long as they don't call me "tree hugger" or "PETA lover" unless you want to be called "uneducated scumbag."

K July 5, 2012 13:45:21 (EDT)

Thank you for posting, Judy. It's important that people are aware of these things. Despite many improvements since the days of Benson's, animal cruelty is still a huge issue, and the easiest thing all of us can do as informed and conscientious residents is to spread the word. The town of Hudson should not have supported Kelly Miller Circus. Hopefully the right people read this forum and take our opinions into consideration in the future.

Larry R. July 4, 2012 18:05:47 (EDT)

God bless you Judy and Vicki! It's so nice of you to help us see the light. You are so lucky to know for a fact how everyone treats and cares for their animals. Please continue to protect us from those evil circus folk.

Vicki July 4, 2012 14:30:22 (EDT)

Very, Very, Very disappointed in my town (Hudson, NH) officials and school board for allowing the Kelly Miller Circus to perform today and tomorrow. I think a better fund raiser could have been done. Just think Benson's Wild Animal Park caged animals for display just like the circus. What is wrong with this picture.The school board should know better.

Judy M June 28, 2012 22:22:47 (EDT)

Wilbur Mercer June 25, 2012 18:33:26 (EDT)

Hey Benson's! It's been while. I'm sure most of you agree with Trevor's mistrust of sexually assaulted minors, but is the potty mouth really necessary? This is a family website Trevor, we exploit animals and waste money.... but we DO NOT use curse words.

Can't stay and chat, but I'll be back real soon!

Bye Friends!

Jay June 24, 2012 04:45:13 (EDT)

Go Trevor!!!

Trevor June 19, 2012 21:32:10 (EDT)

Judy, please shut up. No one cares about your stupid, tree hugging, PETA loving, bullshit rhetoric . Does anyone think Bensons wasn't guilty of the same treatment of animals? Guy was charged, which whIle being a serious charge, was he convicted? Do you know intimately the detailts of the case or are you blindly seizing the opportunity to further sway public opion in your favor? For all you know the 14 year old girl could be a liar for sake of attention, or come from a trash family looking for an easy lawsuit. If its such an issue for you why don't you do something productive. Go to the town join a committee with the town and help to bring in a circus that meets the animal care standards you seem so concerned about. ( however that's probably impossible since you likely feel no circus meets that standard cause all animals should be free) by doing this you'd be hittin the enemy where it hurts... Their wallet. If they loose gigs they losse money and eventually shut down.

The Friends of Benson Park, Inc. June 19, 2012 17:28:29 (EDT)

Remember the days of clowns at Benson's Wild Animal Farm such as the zany duo " Ham & Eggs "?

Come visit Benson Park Tomorrow Wednesday June 20th a noon to meet Carlee & Charlie two of the most charming fun Circus clowns around, be early as we heard they are coming with a limited amount of *FREE* kids tickets.

Tents will be set up to meet and greet and ice cold drinks and ice cream will be available in front of the old Elephant Barn.

Judy June 15, 2012 14:28:52 (EDT)

Benson s has invited another Circus. Circus animals are unwilling and abused to perform. The Kelly Miller circus also has had an employee charged with rape of a 14 year old.

Kelly Miller Circus
USDA License #73-C-0021, P.O. Box 829, Hugo, OK 74743
Kelly Miller Circus has failed to meet minimal federal standards for the care of animals used in exhibition as established in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Kelly Miller Circus for failure to handle animals in a manner that is safe for the animals and the public, failure to provide veterinary records, and failure to provide structurally sound enclosures. Kelly Miller Circus leases animals from its sister circus, Carson & Barnes. Contact PETA for documentation.
July 21, 2011: The USDA cited the tiger exhibitor traveling with the Kelly Miller Circus (Natalie Cainan) for violating the AWA after three tigers escaped from their transport enclosures and one bit a horse. It took approximately 30 minutes to safely contain the tigers. This escape posed a threat to the tigers, the public, and to other animals.
June 16, 2007: The USDA cited Kelly Miller Circus for including a poodle owned by an unlicensed exhibitor in its show.
July 28, 2006: According to the Evening Tribune, a Kelly Miller employee was charged with first-degree rape of a 14-year-old girl in Nunda, New York. The victim had attended a circus performance.
October 20, 2005: The USDA cited Kelly Miller for failure to provide veterinary care to an elephant named Libby, who had a painful oozing puncture wound that pierced her ear, and failure to provide foot care to an elephant named Nina, who had a long, deep crack in her toenail and whose toenails had not been trimmed in a while. Captivity-induced foot problems and arthritis are the leading reasons for euthanasia of captive elephants.
March 13, 2002: The USDA cited Kelly Miller for failure to maintain enclosures in a manner that would protect the animals from injury and to contain the animals.
October 4, 2001: Eduardo Steeples, a chimpanzee exhibitor used by Kelly Miller Circus was cited by the USDA for inadequate ventilation, failure to provide minimum space for the chimpanzee stored in a cage that measured only 5’x4’x6’, improper social grouping, failure to provide environment enrichment for a chimpanzee kept in solitary confinement, and failure to protect four bears from temperature extremes. The inspector wrote, “The temperature in Billy Joe’s [chimpanzee’s] enclosure ... was 95 degrees with 65 percent humidity levels. ... [Billy Joe] is singly housed and cannot see or hear another nonhuman primate. ... This is not in accordance with currently accepted professional standards. ... The cage was barren except for a basketball. ... One of the bears was observed panting during the inspection. The temperature in the enclosure ... was recorded at 95 degrees, with humidity levels of 63 percent. Within several minutes of entering the enclosure, I began perspiring and felt discomfort.” The inspector noted that foods necessary to provide the bears with a nutritionally complete diet were not available.
August 8, 2001: Three bears used in the Kelly Miller Circus during its 2000 tour were found malnourished by a deputy in a trailer near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The bears were severely emaciated and dehydrated with bloody paws from pacing across fiberglass flooring. The trainer, Aleksandr Sergeivich Shelkovnikov, was charged with one felony count of cruelty to animals and four misdemeanors. The owner of the animal park where they were transported believes they were trained using electric shock.

David June 13, 2012 18:59:52 (EDT)

I have a park map, parking ticket and ticket entry stubs all noted as "Bensons last day - 10/12/87". That would have been Monday, Columbus Day. Is that correct as the last day? Thnx

Sheila June 13, 2012 10:58:31 (EDT)

When I was younger I used to go to Bensons every summer at least twice per summer..I use to think it was funny when I would sit down near the lake area and the squirrels would run up my body and sit on my shoulder.. Then I got married years later After that I brought my son he was only 1 at the time he doesnt remamber anything I was never able to take the other 3 of my children there since it closed.. but I miss that place so much.. I havent had the chance to visit many zoos or animal farms.. I was disappointed in York's in Maine (I havent been there since 1993) so I stpped looking for such things.. I see now they are renovating the park they should contact Derry Flea Market and maybe see if anything is still in good shape to bring back to Bensons. The flea market is closed so all those things are just collecting dust now.. It would be nice to see more of the way old Bensons used to be..

Teresa June 10, 2012 10:57:47 (EDT)

Hi there,
I am the person listing a pennant on ebay. If you have interest in this item, please see it at

Thanks for looking!

H. Wood June 4, 2012 10:51:57 (EDT)

I see on ebay that someone has an old pennant from Benson's up for auction. Looks old!

Lisi May 29, 2012 17:44:27 (EDT)

@Toni: I DO remember the PA playing Bad Girls! (Kinda remember Emmy Lou the emu tearing around the park to that music.) That song always makes me remember that photo booth playing a continuous loop of Benny Benson saying "...and you forgot your camera..." (always wanted to secretly unplug that thing).

Mr. Dana Sion May 26, 2012 18:44:41 (EDT)

Sandra, to adopt-a-spot at Benson Park Email Natalie at "". Thank you for your support of Bnson Park.

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